"For my 60th birthday I decided to treat myself to injections. I had been thinking about doing my lips for some time but was a little nervous about the outcome. Maybe they would look fake or worse like a famous "housewife" and resemble a duck.

But looking in the mirror everyday and seeing lips that were literally falling into my mouth was just plain depressing. So made the call and a week later it was off to see Joyce.

As a newbee to any kind of filler I was nervous about the pain I might experience. While there is definitely some discomfort it is bearable. Kind of like a bee sting but not quite as intense. And Joyce has breathing techniques that really help. 

Bruising was significant but most of that has to do with my age and thin skin not skill of injector. It took two weeks before things settled and I could truly see the results.

My lips have definition again. They are not huge and puffy they look like my lips 20 years ago. 

Will I do it again? Heck ya. And next time a little more fullness and a lift in the corners. And I know Joyce will hear me."